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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

RUTHLESS by Sophia Johnson #historicalromance

The Morgan and Gunn Clans have feuded for as longer as anyone can remember- UNTIL they strike a bargain. Magnus of Clibrick and Feradoch of Kinbrace will foster with each others family.

They swear a blood oath to uphold the peace. Once grown, swear if either man should be felled by treachery, the other shall seek vengeance for the deed.

After Magnus besieges Muriel of Blackbriar castle, she escapes only to be captured a year later.

When a tormented Magnus must honor his oath, the Gunns insist he find and hang the woman he loves, Muriele of Blackbriar.



Slowly, Muriele rose to her feet. Magnus did not move. Just stared at her. His eyes narrowed to cold slits. Promising something. What? The room became deadly quiet. No one moved. The dancer stood still, her eyes studying them.

Muriele took a step, then two. She didn't dare look behind her. When she reached the doorway, the sound of his footsteps matched her own.

When she started up the stairwell, she grabbed her skirts above her knees and ran up the stone steps like all the wolves in the forest nipped at her heels. When she turned a corner, she hesitated. Listened.

Had Sir Magnus returned to the great hall? Nay!

He slowly climbed.

Each booted step rang an ominous warning.


Muriele burst out onto the landing. She rushed past the torch flickering in its wall bracket, her eye on the doorway, her hand outstretched far ahead of time.

She chanced a quick glance behind her. Oh, Saints! She wished she had not.

He stepped out of the gloom into the light as he stalked her, his steps measured, his lips set in a grim line. His large hands clenched and relaxed as if they longed to wrap themselves around her neck.

The length and tempo of his stride quickened, eating up the distance between them. Her heart thudded. She reached the door. Frantic knowing he was so close, she fumbled with the latch. With all her might, she shoved the door until it was open enough for her to squeeze through. Turning, she pushed with both hands, her feet anchored to the floor. It near closed. With a sharp, loud noise, his boot slammed against the outside edge. She was but a finger's width away from latching it.

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About the Author-

Sophia is an award-winning author for her Blackthorn Trilogy. Her exciting tales won first place in the Laurel Wreath and second place in the More Than Magic and Beacon Awards. They were also finalists in the Golden Quill, the Colorado Award of Excellence, the Holt Medallion and the Maggie Awards.

Though the trilogy has been out for several years, she regularly receives new fan letters each month from women who can't wait to read truly historical romance books. Her heroes are as strong as gladiators and her heroines are more than a match in cleverness and skills for the men who dare to love them.

You'll find The Blackthorn Trilogy on the Books Page. Always Mine begins the trilogy, followed by Midnight's Bride and ends with Risk Everything. Kensington Zebra e-Published the tales for those who want both book editions and e-Reader format.

The author has finished an exciting four volumes called The Raptor Castle Series. The first three, Forbidden, Seduced and Ruthless are available now and can be read on an Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, iPad, Pandigital, Sony, Nintendo and every other major e-Reader out there.

An e-Reader stocked with a shelf of intriguing new books makes an exciting present for your favorite reader, even if it's to yourself! Every time Sophia gets on a book site, she puts another two or three on her Kindle Fire bookshelves. She has quite a library, but doesn't get much time to read. Perhaps if they outlawed email she'd get to enjoy some down time!



Renee Vincent said...

Love the cover and wanted more with the excerpt. My heart was already beating fast with that little snippet.

Congrats, Sophia, on your new release. Jimmy Thomas makes a great cover model for Ruthless.

Chicks of Characterization said...

I loved the snippet too! This sounds like a great book!

Then again, all of Sophia's books are great!!! Thanks for stopping by Renee!!

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