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Friday, June 13, 2008

Interview w/Song of the Muses author, Sky Purington ...

Today I want to WELCOME, author of Highland Muse, second story in the first book of the anthology, Song of the Muses, Sky Purington.

Welcome Sky!

First things first, Wow, another FABULOUS cover! Who can resist a man in a kilt, and a fabulous castle? I know I can't!
Ok, having said that, Thanks so much for being here, and if you don't mind I'll post Highland Muse's blurb, and jump right to the interview!

Blurb for Highland Muse:
Melpomene, Muse of Tragedy, risks everything to save Rowan Stewart’s life. Devoted to Scotland in life and the God of War in death, Rowan struggles to understand her undying devotion to him. Can a melodramatic Grecian Goddess and a resolute Scotsman truly love one another? Find out in HIGHLAND MUSE.

C of C- How long have you been writing?
SP- Since I was around seven years old.
C of C- Wow, that's a really long time.

C of C- Are you a plotter or a pantser?
SP- Little bit of both! Some stories need to be plotted, others just take over.

C of C- How would you describe your voice?
SP- Well, as time has gone on and my writing has advanced my voice had definitely taken on an edge of humor.
C of C- Do you think you will ever write a romantic comedy? Since I see you write mainly historicals?

C of C-. What is your favorite part of the writing process?
SP- Hmm, good question! I’d say I’m torn between the research aspect in that I write a lot of historicals and by the way characters tend to develop within my mind, I’m always surprised by what they’re thinking and where they would like to go within the story.

C of C- Where do you find your inspiration?
SP-Usually from nature and history. What greater things are there? Nature always captivates me. The clouds, wind and the smell in the air after a storm. History because it’s so educational and interesting.
C of C- I agree with you there, there is nothing better than nature and history. Nothing.

C of C-. How do you come up with your ideas/plots?
SP- Typically, it’s where I am, my surroundings always ignite my imagination. If I walk into an old house I wonder who lived here, what were they like? Did they love?

C of C- Do you write in short stretches or for long periods of time?
SP- Grin, tough question, I have a toddler! I spend my time at night writing when I can and my days with my son. Do I devote myself to writing as much as I can? Yes.

C of C- Do you write in silence or listen to music?
SP- Always to music! When I wrote my trilogy it was to the bagpipes and Celtic music. Now I’m writing a contemporary and listening to my local station.

C of C-Do you have any new releases you’d like to talk about?
SP- Yes! The second novel in my trilogy, Destiny’s Denial, was just released. It’s about contemporary New Hampshire and Medieval Scotland, Time-travel and magic. My favorite novel in the trilogy! Swing by my website to learn more!
C of C- Congratulations Sky! - go there to check it out!

C of C- Do you research your story before you write it, or as you go?
SP- Wide smile, I wouldn’t know how to write without researching! It’s my platform.

C of C- What have you learned through research that you’ll remember for the rest of your life? SP- Good question! I’ve learned that it’s best to explore many sources because so many can be wrong. Prudence is the key.
C of C- Very true.

C of C- How do you decorate your writing space?
SP- With anything international and historical. An old fashioned globe held up by Atlas, a stack of 18th century Piano music, a big tapestry depicting the oriental astrological chart, some old carved boxes from the Middle East. I suppose my tastes are pretty eclectic!

C of C- Are you a neat/organized writer or is your office and/or space a complete mess with sticky notes everywhere?
SP- I go from disorganized to organized. Everything’s a mass of sticky notes, then when I’m ready to write I sit down and file everything. The, “research stage” is not a pretty place in my house!
C of C- lol, I hear ya! In mine either!

C of C- Does all your writing take place on a computer or do you ever write on pen and paper? SP- Both. Always. I actually still go to the Library, I email clans (when I wrote of them) but I have a file folder full of labeled, hand written notes. I learn better when I write things down so everything’s on the computer and in hands-on folders!

C of C- What is your favorite time period? And why?
SP- As of yet….the Medieval Period. I felt as though I lived there for three years when I wrote my trilogy and learned so much.

C of C- Do you feel a draw to the people and time period you write about?
SP-Yes, very much so. I went from 6’th century Ireland to 12’th century Scotland to 13’th century England with modern day mixed in. Honestly, one way or another, all my stories will pull my reader into the past and will hopefully teach them something they didn’t know.
C of C- That's the great thing about a historical, educating those who otherwise wouldn't know!

C of C- What character did you most enjoy writing?
SP-Easy! Ferchar, who was not only a character in Fate’s Monolith but the Hero in Destiny’s Denial. He was the dark, depressed type that grew, changed and fell in love. Meanwhile, I fell in love with him!

C of C- Readers are always curious to know about authors lives. What is the worst job (non-writing related) you’ve ever held?
SP- Ugh, that would have to have been working in a perfume store. Constant headache….literally!
C of C- definitely migraine city!

C of C- What is one thing you think your readers would be interested to know about you?
SP- Hmm, well, I gave my American Akita credit as a writing companion, in my author bio but there is another. My twelve year old Calico cat is always about when I’m writing to give advice, more so than not lately so she definitely deserves some credit!

C of C- Are you reclusive or do you like being with other writers?
SP- Honestly, I’d love to be around other writers but being a mom primarily keeps me around moms with kids my son’s age. Regrettably, none of them are writers. Therefore email and IM keep me close with fellow authors around the world and I have to say I’ve made some fantastic friends in this field.

C of C- Do you find love scenes easy or hard to write?
SP- Very easy.

C of C- Do you ever act out your scenes?
SP- Grin, well I would hope so!
C of C- lol! :O)

C of C- How long do you wait once a story is finished to revise it?
SP- I always let a story breathe 2 or 3 days.

C of C- Do you ever second guess yourself and your writing?
SP-Always! Who doesn’t?

C of C- Do you ever stray from your genre? Your comfort zone?
SP- I am now. I’m writing a vampire tale with an Englishman as the main character, certainly out of my comfort zone in that I’ve been in Scotland and Ireland for so long.
C of C- hmmm, interesting!

C of C- Is it necessary to have a Critique/Writing partner?
SP- Yes! It can’t hurt to get feedback.
C of C- That is so true, I believe a CP is invaluable, not only for feedback but or support!

C of C- Do you allow family and friends to read your stories?
SP- Yes, always.

C of C- Is there a subject you would like to write about, but don’t because you believe it isn’t marketable?
SP- Yes, Regency, I hear it’s a hard market.
C of C- You should try it, I believe anything well written is marketable!

C of C- Authors make writing look so easy. Is it harder than most people imagine it to be?
SP-Very much so. I had no idea what writers went through until I became published.

C of C- How long does it take you to finish a story?
SP-Depends, a novel 6 months, a short 1 month.

C of C- When you write a new story are you apprehensive about allowing others to critique it? SP- Of course, but I know it’s necessary.
C of C- Very true.

C of C- Which author/(s) are on your must-read list?
SP-Lisa Kleypas, just love her.

C of C- What is your favorite writing memory?
SP- The night I won a writing award when I was in second grade and saw how proud my mom was.
C of C- Awh! How sweet!

C of C- Do you have more than one book out now?
SP- Yes, two books, two short stories and another novel due to be released next year .
C of C- Wow, you're a busy girl! Congratulations!

C of C- Has your writing Journey been a smooth or bumpy ride?
SP- Bumpy, and honestly I’m grateful for that!
C of C- Ok, I'll take your word for it!

C of C- What advice would you give to a new aspiring writer?
SP- NEVER give up, dreams can come true.
C of C- Excellent advice, Sky! I'm repeating it over and over in my head- "never give up, never give up!! Maybe it will sink in! lol :O)

Thanks so much for being here with me today Sky, its been a pleasure! Best of luck with all your future endeavours!!

To read my review of Highland Muse, go to-

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Where you will have a chance to win prizes in her muse contest!

Other books by Sky Purington:


Anonymous said...

Great interview, Sky! I can't wait for your autograph when our anthologies are released in print next spring! Skhye

Chicks of Characterization said...

Uh, wait a minute, I think it shall be me getting autographs, ladies! :O)


Shannon Robinson said...

Wonderful interview ladies! I love your covers Sky. The anthology sounds delightful and I can't wait to read it.
Thanks for sharing!

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Enjoyed getting to know you, Skhye. I've just started reading Lisa Kleypas and love her writing, too. Heros in kilts are my most favorite hero - love that Scottish accent that has to come through in their voice. Your anthology sounds interesting and I look forward to getting acquainted with your voice as well.

Chicks of Characterization said...

Thanks for stopping by, Shannon!

Chicks of Characterization said...

Thanks for stopping by, Marlene! You won't be disappointed! :O)

Eliza Knight said...

Great interview! Sounds fabulous!

Holly Greenfield said...

Great interview.

Lexi said...

Great interview, ladies! Sky, beautiful covers!

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