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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Find out what the Critics are saying about Skhye Moncrief ... *Contest*


"FERAL FASCINATIONS ...a surprise and an exciting read. It's not an easy novel to summarize but take my word for it…a summary can't do it justice any way. You have to read—and enjoy it—for yourself!... There's a lot of sex in this one but it's neither intrusive nor too graphic and every thrust of it moves the plot. Both Kindrist and Straightarrow, as well as the other characters—even the Bible-quote spouting Darla—are drawn with sympathy and realism. Pithy dialogue—a lot of it going on inside Jake's head, give the novel just enough of a quirky nature to keep it from the run-of-the-mill storyline of alien-abductee-saves-Mankind-and-gets-girl. 5 Stars!" ~Tony-Paul;

"This isn’t one of your brother’s Sci-Fi Books – it’s Rebel Mercenary meets Paranormal Alien Chick. ...Complex and well written, Ms. Moncrief seamlessly blended earth religion, new-age mysticism, paranormal events, shapeshifing rogue spies, and a who-done-it twist. The love scenes were not overly explicit, but very romantic & emotionally heart felt." ~LynnMarie, HEA Reviews

"Feral Fascinations is one of those werewolf science fiction novels that captures the imagination. Skhye Moncrief has done an amazing job of bringing a new world out and showing it to the reader with such amazing clarity. ...An original novel many will enjoy as it combines both modern and futuristic elements twinned with horror... True horror and science fiction fans will take to this novel really well as the characters are fascinating and well worth reading about. The sex scenes are not descriptive, but leave plenty to the imagination so the reader can make of the scenes what they will." ~Sandra, Romance at the Heart Magazine.

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Sky said...

Awesome reviews, Skhye!!! WTG!!! Everyone be sure to pop over and visit Skhye at Love Romance Cafe today. Power Hours all day long. Men in Kilts are joining the fun!

Skhye said...

Yep! And Sky is there too. :)

hotcha12 said...


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