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Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting to Know Author Skhye Moncrief... *Contest*

Formally educated in hard and soft science (geology and bioarchaeology), Skhye pushes the envelope writing cross-genre romance classified as either paranormal or fantasy romance, and kick-arse romantica. She loves the challenge of building an entirely new world or resurrecting an old legend into a completely new beast.

I’m giving away a pdf of Book 1: FERAL FASCINATIONS to one lucky commenter. Read 1st chapter & blurb at
How to enter to win: leave me a comment. Each day you comment increases your chances of winning. Make certain to leave your email addy so you can be contacted. And one lucky person will be chosen at the end of the week!


Sky Purington said...

Those covers look fantastic, Skhye! Great stories. Is it too soon to ask what you're working on right now? Eager to know. :-)

Skhye said...

Not at all! I've just submitted a free read in my Feral series--FERAL FORCE. I hope to hear about it soon. My publisher wanted one to go with the release of my 3rd story in the series, FERAL FEVER. Just got the cover!!! WAHOOO. Will be uploading it to my website after I post this comment. ;) Oh, the cover artist gave the hero stripes on the cover!!! He's a Tiger Lord!!!

I'm also finishing up the next two novels in this series--cyborg tales! I created two cyborg cultures who are at war with each other. The second one is a booger. It's torturing me. So, I hope to be finished with it and have both submitted by the end of April.

And then, I have another werewolf series of which the 1st two stories are submitted. It's a post-apocalyptic series... The third novel is completely planned out as of yesterday and ready to be typed. Unfortunately, the cyborgs have taken control of my writing time. Somebody needs to smack them around for me! *snort* I'm just in a major funk this month. It's the fibromyalgia and insomnia that keep me moaning and groaning and staring at the wall. [I'm really quite appreciative of the cyborgs and their company!] ;)

I'm still swearing I'm going to throw kilts on some bad boys in outer space. Just give me some time! Do they have to have the accent to authenticate the fantasy/ambiance? Or can they just have muscles and kilts?

Skhye said...

The link to FERAL FEVER's cover. You'll have to scroll down past the first two books in the series to see it. (Sorry!)

Nicole North said...

Those sound fascinating, Skhye!! I love the covers!!

Skhye said...

Thanks, Nicole!

Michelle Muse said...

Wow. You have a very active imagination. I'm jealous. ;) Your stories look wonderful!

Carol L. said...

Great covers Skye. These look like great reads that I definitely have to read. I think the Scottish Brogue has to be there to go with those delicious kilts and bodies. :)
Carol L

Skhye said...

Thank you, Michelle. And I so agree, Carol!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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