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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sneek Peak at Ashley J. Barnard's newest release- IN BYRON'S SHADOW ...*Giveaway*

At the age of twenty-one, Nicholas Price has the world at his feet. He has just graduated from Oxford, he is heir to his father's title and fortune, and he is about to meet Ada Byron, the daughter of his idol Lord Byron. His life falls apart, however, when an attempted elopement with Ada ends in disaster, resulting in his disinheritance. Destitute, he takes up residency in his mother's country estate, which is on the brink of ruin.

Ten years later, now a cynical misanthrope, Nicholas receives a visit from Catherine O'Reilly. Catherine once assisted Nicholas in obtaining access to Ada, and as she has also been cast out by her father, she has come to Nicholas for shelter. Catherine has been raped and is pregnant, but refuses to name her rapist. Nicholas agrees to take her on as a maid, but focuses all of his attention on winning Ada back. It is his eccentric brother James who can see through the submissive servant to the fiery, passionate woman within.

When more encounters with Ada end badly, it is Catherine who opens Nicholas's eyes to see how far he has taken his obsession with Byron. It is also she who helps him nurture his poetry, and to see the blessings around him in spite of his financial ruin. Soon Nicholas cannot resist falling into a love triangle involving Catherine and James, all of them unaware that the secret Catherine is harboring is about to shatter the fragile world Nicholas has managed to forge.
Now on sale for $2.99 at Amazon:

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*Ashley will be giving away WINNERS CHOICE of either Shadow Fox or Byron's Shadow on Kindle or PDF to one lucky commenter. One WINNER will be picked at random once the SPOTLIGHT is over! Please leave your E-mail address so we may contact you should you win! Good luck!!!*


Kimberly Sue said...

Looks like a great read!


Chicks of Characterization said...

I want to thank Ashley J. Barnard for hanging out with us all week!

AND for giving us the opportunity to learn all about her and SHADOW FOX, and for giving us a little insight into, IN BYRON'S SHADOW!

These books sound very intriquing indeed!!

Ashley, we thank you for allowing us to feature you and your work and WISH you all the BEST in your future endevours!

Andrea :O)

Ashley J. Barnard said...

Andrea, thank YOU so much for having me!! It's been fantastic reading all the comments and getting my stuff out there. It's been a wonderful opportunity for me. : )

Tore923 said...

Please enter me in contest.

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