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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Slipping into FALL .... BIG things are coming to "The Chicks of Characterization!"

Hi Everyone!

The Chicks of Characterization are BACK!!! We are getting ready to post our fall LINE UP of fabulous authors and great books!!

Coming in September... 

Look out fellow bloggers, readers, authors, friends and HOPEFULLY new visitors, Sky Purington from A WRITERS MIND and the CHICKS will be putting their heads together! We intend to  rock the blogging world. Will we lose our individual sites? Absolutely not. We just might be doing a little something extra. *Smiles* Nothing's cut in stone, but we're hoping. 

We can't say exactly whats to come just yet, its HIGHLY CLASSIFIED!!

So, stay tuned!!
Don't forget to check back to find out who will be featured in our Upcoming Spotlights!!

1 comment:

Sky Purington said...

I can't wait!!! :-) Should have my books up by the end of the week then my calendar will open up a bit. Big hugs!!!

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