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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting to know Author Sky Purington ...

Hi Everyone!

 It’s always so much fun visiting The Write Life. It’s by far one of my most favorite blogs on the net. Thank you so much for having me over.

 For those of you unfamiliar with me, I write a cross genre of Paranormal/Fantasy romance. I love to write tales that allow the reader a bit of escapism, whether it’s into the past or into a whole new reality.

*Sky glances around* I noticed, as appropriate here, that quite a few Highlander authors have been visiting. Well, I’m a Highlander author as well.

 In fact, I recently re-released my MacLomain Series (one short story, three full novels) on Kindle 

( and Nook (  

If you enjoy time-travel romance and scrumptious men in kilts, this series might be for you. In honor of my Dad, each title is being offered at .99 cents per title for a limited time. All three novels have held top ten time-travel romance for some time. Always my greatest advocate, I think Dad’s helping me from ‘the other side.’ 


But, my Highlanders are not the reason I’m visiting this week.

This visit I’d like to share my latest, The Victorian Lure, the first novel in my Calum’s Curse trilogy. This book takes you on a hold-on-tight paranormal ride through one of the most haunted houses you’ll ever enter. It’s considered a time-travel as well because this particular house rolls back in time to the very date it was first built. The romance that develops between Leathan (investigator) and the Victorian’s owner, Dakota, is unexpected, intense and pretty darn hot!

Fun facts about The Victorian Lure and this series…

~ Several of the characters from my MacLomain Series make an appearance in The Victorian Lure and throughout the Calum’s Curse Trilogy.

~ The hero in The Victorian Lure is a super-sexy Scotsman. In fact, he was born in the Highlands. *winks*

My FAVORITE fun fact…
~ One of the four paranormal investigators in this book (and trilogy) is our very own ANDREA! (Her character was loosely based but I think I caught Andrea perfectly. She’s one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet.) In fact, Andrea is one of the contributors at a new character blog recently launched called, Paranormal/Syfy Romance- Deep, Dark & Delicious ( . Swing over and say “Hi!” 

Are you an author of anything even remotely paranormal or science fiction romance oriented? Let us know and we’ll get your characters scheduled to appear there!

Thanks so much for joining me. I’m looking forward to spending the rest of the week with you. Don’t forget to leave a comment for chance to win a PRINT copy of The Victorian Lure.

One last shameless plug… I’m revving up for a major blog event. Beginning November 25th through December 25th I’m hosting what’s called the What Every Woman Wants Beneath Her Christmas Tree’ blog event. Last year was a smashing success and we’re all looking forward to another festive event where it’s all about us gals and what we REALLY want under our tree this holiday season. Sixteen authors and jewelry vendors will be popping into my blog, A Writer’s Mind over a thirty day period. That means well over 16 giveaways. The grand prize on Christmas Day? A $100 gift certificate to Amazon!!! 

With any luck, I’ll get Andrea to join in December 25th’s post with me. *nudge, nudge*. So scribble Nov. 25th down on your calendar and be sure to pop in to join in the festivities. Blog addy is listed below.

Best Always,

Purchase The Victorian Lure at Amazon, The Wild Rose Press and Barnes & Noble

Visit Sky’s Website ~
Sky’s Blog ~ A Writer’s Mind-
Twitter @SkyPurington                                 

Sky will be giving away a PRINT copy of The Victorian Lure to one lucky commenter! Please leave your E-mail address with your comment so we may contact you should you win! Winner will be picked at random once the Spotlight is over on Friday November 25th, 2011- Good luck!


Sky Purington said...

Hi Andrea! I'm running late today. TY for having me here all week! Off to spread the word!!! :-)

Anita Clenney said...

Hi Sky! From one kilt lover to another...hello! And I think this new book sounds wonderful. I love ghostly things.

Sky Purington said...

Hi Anita! Thanks so much! I keep seeing your books when I'm poking around on my Kindle at Amazon. They sound absolutely fabulous. Can't wait to read them. Gotta love those Highlanders. :-)

Debby said...

Hi Sky, I love fantasy. I am going to be on the look out for your books. I love Highlander as well.
debby236 at gmail dot com

derekd said...

Nice to get to know a bit about you, Sky. Victorian Lure sounds like a fun read. I wish you success and lots of sales.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Hi Sky, I'm a kilt lover, too. Your stories sound really like fun reads. I write historical west during the California gold rush. I live where the gold rush happened and have experience ghosts on several occasions, but don't write paranormal. There is so much history here and since I love all things Scottish, I bring my heroes here from Scotland. The best of two worlds. :)

Vonda Sinclair said...

Your books sound wonderful! How neat that you put Andrea into the story as a character! I love that idea!
author (at)

mmccall0911 said...

Hi Sky! I love a good time travel; kilts and togas are a plus. LOL. I have to check yours out. Are they in print? Am I allowed to admit I prefer paper?
I don't write paranormal. I write supernatural. I know it's a fine line, but for me, there is a difference. My next features an Arturian Queen with the powers of the Holy Ghost; Excaliber and the Arturian Equivilant; and a task for the MacArthur to complete the Holy mission Arthur and Guenivere screwed up.
Do you ever wonder where we writers come up with these things?

Chicks of Characterization said...

I want to THANK everyone who stopped by to show Sky your support!!!

NICOLE, you are the ONLY one who realized that I am a character in this book!!

How cool is that?

Andrea :O)

Sky Purington said...

Thanks Debby! Can't lose with those Highlanders! :-)

Sky Purington said...

Thanks so much, Derek. TVL is a new move for me but I'm hoping everyone will love it!

Sky Purington said...

Very cool, Paisley! Best of both worlds sound perfect. I'll have to check out your stories. Thanks so much for joining me today!

Sky Purington said...

Right Vonda! I remember back in January when the book was contracted. I texted Andrea at 3 AM. LOL. She was a bit startled but thrilled. ;-)

Sky Purington said...

OMG, love the sound of your books, Mary! Yep, we get pretty strange with our books. I have another with the muse of tragedy and a Highlander finding love. I dare you to get stranger than that!

The Victorian Lure is avail in print. My MacLomain Series will be soon!

Sky Purington said...

Andrea, you're such a sweetheart. Love ya, girl. C'ya tomorrow! (((hugs)))

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