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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our SPOTLIGHT on Sky Purington wraps up with the Trailer for, "Darkest Memory..."

Purchase DARKEST MEMORY- here

I would sincerely like to thank Sky Purington for taking the time to be with us all week, and for sharing her story!!!! We wish you the best of luck in all your future endevours!! And we hope to see you SPOTLIGHTED here again!!!!!! AND don't forget to visit Sky on the web-

We'd also like to thank EVERYONE who took the time to stop by and comment! We truly appreciate it!

The winner of the E-copy of DARKEST MEMORY will be picked over the weekend! So if you haven't done so, this is your final chance to comment!


Sky Purington said...

Thank you SO much for having me this week & giving me the opportunity to share with everyone about Darkest Memory. I've had such a blast!!!


Beth Caudill said...

Hey Sky

Congrats on the release.

Traci said...

That was a great trailer - but what I love most is the heroine's name! Sky Purington...just awesome :)

Sky Purington said...

Thanks so much Beth and Traci! :)


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